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Finding the right person to do your wedding photography is just one of the many tasks ahead of you as you plan your big day. First you have to find one whose style you like, find out whether they’re available for your wedding, establish whether they can work within your budget and finally meet them to make sure you actually like them. If they fall down at any part of that process you have to start all over again. It can all be very time consuming. Fortunately, Norma Dean is here to make the process a lot easier for you.


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All photographers listed on this website are full-time professionals and qualified members of at least one of the UK’s professional photographic bodies, so you know that you will be looking at photographers who all work at a high standard.


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There are two ways you can use this website. Firstly, you can simply view listings of photographers in individual areas by entering your area followed by ‘wedding photographer’ on Google. Alternatively, you can use our unique Respond 2 U service. Simply enter the details of your wedding, the date, location, your budget etc and any of the photographers on this site who can shoot your wedding will contact you by e-mail. This is an entirely free service for you to use and could save you many hours of searching.

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

Ten or twenty years from now, all you’ll have from your wedding will be your photos and videos. It’s easy to see that you don’t want an incident to happen and leave you without those precious memories. A wedding is far from being cheap, so you may as well set aside a good budget for the wedding videographer. It won’t make too much of a difference in the big scheme of things, but it may make a difference in the quality of your recorded memories from this unique event.


When choosing your wedding videographer, the first thing to do is to ask for a portfolio of his previous work. It’s best to choose a professional who specializes particularly on weddings, because he may know tricks others don’t. Look at his videos and try to see if he was able to create the kind of atmosphere you are after. Watch the films from start to end, in order to make sure the videographer knows how to follow the course of things and how to emphasize the various key moments of the wedding.


Another important step in choosing your videographer is to make sure he has good communication skills. You want him to be very good at getting on with people, because he’s going to need to instruct them on various actions they may need to perform during the shooting. Besides, you want him to look like he really enjoys the event and not only does his job without caring about anything else. Empathy is one of the character traits you should observe when choosing all professional workers that will attend your wedding helping you with various services.


Price should come last, but it is also important. Make a shortlist with all good people you would work with, then choose the most inexpensive.


How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer



When it comes to your wedding, photos are one thing you won’t want to skip on. Your wedding is only for one day, but those photos will last a lifetime. Here are a few tips on finding a wedding photographer that you’ll be happy with.


Start by doing some research. Talk to your friends who have gotten married and ask what photographer they used. Read reviews online and see what photographers people raved or complained about. There are probably a lot of photographers in your area, and it’s good to narrow things down before you start seriously looking.


Next, look at the photos the photographers you’re considering have taken. Don’t just pay attention to the quality of the photos – pay attention to the setting and the style. If you want documentary style photos of your outdoor wedding, you’ll want to avoid a photographer who’s only taken classic portraits at an indoor wedding. You want someone who has experience with weddings like yours.


After you’ve narrowed things down to just a few photographers, you should try to meet with them in person. This will let you see how well your personalities click and how well you can communicate with each other. You’ll want to have a good vibe with your photographer so that they’ll be able to take exactly the kind of pictures you want.


You should also see if they’ll take a quick digital snapshot of you during your meeting. Anyone can take beautiful pictures with perfect equipment and lighting, but only a pro can make a quick candid look great. You shouldn’t expect a digital snapshot to be amazing, but it should definitely give you an idea of the photographer’s skill level.


Make sure you find the photographer of your dreams! When you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll be so glad that you hired a great photographer.